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BelleMa Portable UV LED Steriliser Bag

Original price $199.99 NZD - Original price $199.99 NZD
Original price $199.99 NZD
$199.99 NZD
$199.99 NZD - $199.99 NZD
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Next level sterilising that is easy and light to take anywhere. Instead of water and steam its light on steroids. If you're staying with friends or family and don't want to take too much baby stuff with you, these are a great quick convenient way to sterilise.

Bottles, teats, pump parts, pacifiers, cuddly blankets, rattles and toys, your car keys and masks, phones......I could go on and on and on.

  • WHAT IS IT: Foldable smart portable sterilisation bag. This bag folds down almost flat or unfold and zip together to make a stylish silver bag, pop in the tray and you have a sterilising and deodorising compartment. 
  • WHY WOULD I USE IT: You can use it all the time for sterilisation of baby bottles etc or just as a mobile steriliser to take on holiday or out and about and it is compact and light. Maybe you have an immune challenged baby or sensitive tummy baby and sterilisation 24/7 is a must. It is silent, it takes up very little space, its pretty and there's no hot steam or water to worry about.
  • HOW DO I USE IT: Sooo futuristic - wash and dry like normal then place your bottles and teats and shields, pacifiers etc on the tray in the bag. Zip it up. Plug the USB into a power supply or power bank, push the start button, it only takes 3 mins to sterilise and get 99.9% of all germs and bacteria killed! ITS AMAZING.... The on button light flashes while processing and then after the sterilisation has finished (just 3mins)  the button light stops flashing and stays lit, un-zip and you're done, it's all sterilised ready to use. 

To keep it simple, UVC LED light kills bacteria by destroying DNA or RNA to stop them reproducing causing harmful bugs. It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria with light! It's like space age technology bought into your home to help you, how cool is that.

  • So why our UVC LED steriliser? The amount of LED lights is important, you want enough bulbs top and bottom of the bag to prevent blind spots of sterilisation and to be the most efficient. Theres actually 10 good reasons we think our UVC steriliser is the best option
  1. Only 3 minutes sterilisation process
  2. 12 LED lights in total, not 6 or 8, but 12
  3. Inner tray to sit things on, to circulate lots of uninterrupted light
  4. Reduced blindspots, because of 12 bulbs and the tray, it lets the light bounce around and sterilise at all angles. 
  5. Beautiful shinny modern silver bag
  6. Foldable and easy to pack or take anywhere
  7. Safe sterilisation with no hot steam
  8. Compact 250x200x160mm
  9. Versatile, use as a companion steriliser alongside your steam steriliser if preferred, on trips or during the night for convenience
  10. Sterilise your things, breast pads, underwear, facecloths, makeup brushes, masks, vision glasses the list goes on

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