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Preparing for baby’s arrival – the essential gear checklist for expecting parents

Preparing for baby’s arrival – the essential gear checklist for expecting parents

It’s official…you’re pregnant! You’ve shared the exciting news with friends and family and ordered a copy of Heidi Murkoff’s ‘What to Expect When you’re Expecting’.

You’ve spent hours researching pregnancy advice, and have cleared the spare room to make a nursery space for baby. You may even be dealing with morning sickness, food cravings and disrupted sleeping habits. 

Pregnancy can be a lot to take in, especially if you are a first-time parent. It's vital to have a plan in place – and we’re here to help!

At BabyOnline, we know how daunting it can be for new families to prepare for baby’s arrival. With so many products on the market, how will you know what you need, and what you won’t end up using?

From bedding and nappies, to car seats and strollers, our guide covers the must-haves. We’re here to help provide your new-born with the best of everything, all without blowing your budget. Please take a tour of our showroom.

With online shopping so accessible nowadays, you can find and order anything you need through the BabyOnline website - in just a few clicks! For your convenience, here is newborn baby checklist: 

Home and Furnishings

Ensuring your home is a safe space for baby is an absolute must when preparing for pregnancy.

Sleeping Space

For the first six months of baby’s life, the safest place to sleep is in their parents’ room, on their own sleep surface, advises Lullaby Trust.

This could look like a cot, bassinet or wahakura (Moses basket).

An affordable, durable option for your new-born is the Sleep Tight Portacot. Simple to assemble, the cot has four locking wheels for easy movement. A comfy mattress and foldable changer makes the transition from bed time to nappy time a smooth one.

If you’re looking for something portable, our Neeva Sleep Tight Sleeping Pod provides a secure and comfy spot for baby to rest during the day.

The light weight Pod is ideal for travel or moving around the house. Not to mention that it comes in three cute designs, all made from 100% Jersey Cotton. (Note: Sleeping pods must be used in a child-safe, supervised environment at all times. They should not be used as a replacement for permanent sleeping structures).

If you’re wanting different assembly options, one of our customers’ top picks is the Sleep Tight Side Co-Sleeper. Whether used as a normal crib, or with the side zipped down next to your bed, the Co-Sleeper provides a safe place for baby to sleep and relax in.



Plunket recommends that parents stock up on at least two sets of baby bedding, in a breathable, organic fabric such as cotton or merino. 

The Sleep Tight Cot Bedding Set is an all-in-one bedding essential for new parents. Included in the set is a cot quilt, fitted sheet, breathable mesh bumper and pillow with removable slip. With 100% cotton outers, the set is an affordable option which looks stylish in any bedroom.

Sleep Tight also make gorgeous knit blankets for new-borns using 100% cotton. With cute designs and modern colours, these blankets are perfect for keeping your little one warm and snug.

For mums-to-be wanting to fall asleep faster, for longer, a pregnancy pillow like the Neeva Body Pillow could be the perfect solution.

Designed with comfort in mind, the pillow is contoured to fit the body and make side-sleeping easier. You can continue to use pregnancy pillows long after baby has arrived, to help adjust to changes in your sleeping habits.



On average, most breastfeeding sessions for new-borns take between 20-45 minutes (KidsHealth). Having a delegated spot for feeding and soothing baby can make this time flow more easily.

Whether you’re changing or nursing baby at home or on the go, we can recommend a variety of options to suit your lifestyle. The Kapai Glider and Ottoman Nursing Chair Set aids each feeding session by providing padded support for your back and feet. The set also has smooth, rounded edges to ensure a safe environment for baby.

When changing time rolls around, the Skep Changing Table is an essential addition to your nursery. This table has four braked wheels to allow you to easily move around the house. A drainage tube and removable tub both help to make bath time a breeze.

A new arrival to our online range is the Kapai Vesta Dresser and Changing Table. This multi-use piece of furniture can be used for baby from birth onwards. Simply remove the changing table to utilise the drawers and shelving storage for baby’s clothes and accessories.


Before you stock up on nappies, decide whether you’ll use disposable or cloth, or a mix of both.

Make sure you have room to store these, and that you have a good idea of how many you’ll need as your baby grows. Healthline gives some handy estimates for nappy use, for Preemies through to ages four and up.

Dryups Nappies are our product of choice when it comes to absorbency and affordability. Made in Europe, these nappies are for day or night use. Wave goodbye to bulky storage, as Dryups are easy to stack and pack down.

If you’re changing baby on the go, the Neeva XL Deluxe Nappy Bag has plenty of room for carrying extra clothes and nappy gear. The backpack also comes with a matching changing mat and can be strapped to prams and strollers.


Car Seats and Capsules

A secure car seat is easily the most important item for baby’s trip home from the hospital or birthing centre.

Buy, rent or borrow a car seat before your due date, when you have time to choose the right option. If you’re renting or borrowing a second-hand seat, make sure it meets national safety laws. Never use a car seat that has passed its expiry date! You can find a full list of child restraint regulations on the New Zealand Transport Agency’s website here.

Buying a new car seat? The rear-facing Neeva Capsule is a modern, affordable option for infants up to six months old. Sporting a wide base and protective head support for baby, the seat is approved in New Zealand to European Safety Standards (ECE 44).

If you’d like extra comfort for baby, the Neeva Multi-Use Capsule Cover fits over most capsules to provide protection from wind, weather and harsh light. The cover can also be used as a shopping trolley cover, of a full-coverage poncho for nursing,

Prams and Strollers

Getting out and about on foot with baby is made so much easier with a stroller or pram.

Look out for quality products that are sturdy and can absorb movements like bumping and jostling. A five point harness easily keeps little ones snug and secure.

Another essential feature is a reclining seat, which allows new-borns to lie flat on their back. Once baby is old enough to sit up, you can easily adjust the seat into an up-right position.

One of our customers’ favourite products is this sleek stroller by Neeva. The stroller weighs only 6kg and ticks all the boxes for affordability, safety and storage. A handy rain cover is included to keep baby dry in wet weather.

If you need to pack extra essentials, the Skep Stroller Organiser will expand your stroller’s storage space. Keep everything in its place while on the go, with space for two extra bottles and a mesh phone holder.

Are you expecting twins, or welcoming another child to your family? The Neeva Duo Twin Stroller is perfect for parents with multiple children. With four wheel suspension and a one-hand folding system, you’ll wonder how you ever got around without it!

We have in store varieties of musical hanging toys for Prams and Strollers.

Hopefully our guide has helped you pick out some essential items for baby’s arrival! You can find all the products mentioned here and more on the BabyOnline website. We hope that you enjoy your time as an expectant parent – it’s exciting, nerve-wracking, and life-changing!


@babyonlinewh Neeva Orix Auto Folding Baby Stroller Our Orix Auto Folding Baby Stroller is practical, convenient, safe, and easily folded - simply click and watch it fold automatically. Extremely maneuverable, lightweight with a stylish, modern look. Stroller Features: Centralized handlebar Rear brake and front locking wheels Extra compact free-standing one-handed fold 5-point safety harness Large extra-extendible UPF 50+ hood Bumper Bar Suitable for children up to 22kg (or 4 years of age) The frame can be conveniently folded automatically Dimensions: 460x285x550 mm #babyonline #prams #babyprams #babystroller #neevababy ♬ original sound wh - babyonline

Remember, it’s completely normal to feel a mix of emotions when preparing for life with a new-born. You might have other children – or a beloved pet – wondering where everyone’s attention has gone.

Expectations from family members and friends can also add stress to baby’s homecoming. Make sure you take time to check in with yourself and reach out for support if you need it.

Disclaimer: At BabyOnline, we select and write about the products we love and think you'll like too! Always check with your midwife or a medical professional about anything pregnancy related, including items in this post.

It’s official…you’re pregnant! You’ve shared the exciting news with friends and family and ordered a copy of Heidi Murkoff’s ‘What to Expect When you’re Expecting’.

Pregnancy can be a lot to take in, especially if you are a first-time parent. It's vital to have a plan in place – and we’re here to help! so be open to Visit us: 16 Gabador Place, Auckland, New Zealand or Contact us: +64 9-570 6660 or 

Thanks for reading the blog :)

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