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Nuk Nature Sense Manual Breastfeeding Set

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Original price $139.99 NZD
$139.99 NZD
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  • 1 x Nuk Manual Breast Pump Jolie including Nuk Nature Sense Breast Milk Container 150ml with Breast Pump Adapter
  • 2 x 150ml Nuk Nature Sense baby bottles, polypropylene with silicone teats S, 0-6 months
  • 2 x Silicone Sealing Discs
  • 1 x Screw Ring 
  • SAmple pack of 2 Nuk breast pads
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) free

As soon as you hold your baby in your arms for the first time, you are bound to be enchanted. A special bond develops between mother and child, especially when breastfeeding, because a portion of love as well as important nutrients are passed on to your baby with the breast milk. Just the right mixture that is needed for healthy development. However, as a new mother, you also need to take a break, have other everyday tasks to do, or breastfeeding is not always possible in some situations. With the Nuk Nature Sense Breastfeeding Set, you can benefit immediately from even more flexibility and freedom during the breastfeeding period. The set includes a Nuk Manual Breast Pump Jolie and practical Nuk Nature Sense Baby Bottles, so you can express, store and feed your milk with an all-round carefree package for mothers who do not want to give up on a modern lifestyle with their baby.

With the Jolie manual breast pump, expressing your breast milk is not only effortless but also gentle and efficient. To express, simply push down the pump lever that has been ergonomically designed and is comfortable to hold. This lever can also be used to regulate the suction strength and your personal suction rhythm. Its soft breast cushion has a velvety surface that also helps with expressing: the unique soft studs of the breast cushion encourage the milk flow and at the same time make expressing a pleasant sensation.

In this breastfeeding set, the Nuk manual breast pump and Nature Sense bottles make a great combination. With the help of the practical breast pump adapter, the milk can be expressed directly into the container, so there is no need to transfer it. The practical silicone sealing disc prevents the liquid leaking and ensures that it can be carried with you or stored safely. Homemade puree can also be stored in this container. Liquid baby food keeps in the refrigerator for a few days. Freezing is also possible and keeps the milk fresh for up to six months. In addition to the Nature Sense baby bottles, the Jolie manual breast pump can also be used with Nuk First Choice bottles.

Along with the breast milk container, there are two Nuk Nature Sense Baby Bottles, with a capacity of 150ml, included in the breastfeeding set. What is special here is that the several tiny openings of the teat have been modelled on the milk ducts of a mother's breast and make Nature Sense a bottle that lets babies enjoy a completely familiar feeling when drinking and, above all, a natural flow. The extra-wide and flexible lip rest of the teat lets your baby latch on naturally, while the innovative anti-colic vent also makes it possible to drink as if from the breast without a pause, helping prevent air being swallowed and causing discomfort. The extra-soft tip of the teat is particularly flexible and adapts itself to the mouth in a way similar to a nipple. Tests give promising results: 92% of the babies accept the teat with its sense of nature, 99% of the mothers would recommend the Nature Sense to others, and 98% of the interviewed midwives and paediatricians confirm the softness and a feeling almost like at a mother's breast.

Take turns with your partner when it comes to feeding your child: with Nuk Nature Sense Baby Bottles, others can also take over feeding precious breast milk to the little one.

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