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Sleepytot Comforter: No More dummy Runs

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$34.99 NZD

The new range of sleepytots comes in 'one size fits all' and will be suitable for babies 6 months and older. They are endorsed by the Baby Sleep Consultant and are in line with the size approved by the SIDS foundation as the correct size for a little one's first comforter.

Baby should be rolling around the cot and moving things to and from their face.
Every child is different, but the above milestones normally happen anywhere between 6-8 months.  If in doubt wait a little longer to introduce. The older your little one is the quicker they will learn to replace their own dummy with the help of sleepytot.

Bunny can hang onto cot bars, so they can comfort baby safely and soundly. They're a perfect pillow for little heads on hard surfaces like changing tables and supermarket trolleys. They can hold dummies which helps everyone sleep because they don’t get lost at night anymore.

Bunny can grab onto baby’s car seat or buggy strap when you’re out and about so they never get lost. Perfect for older babies and toddlers.

How many times do you get up every night and find yourself on hands and knees searching under the cot, in the darkness for the elusive dummies?

Sleepytot will help your little one finds their own dummies. Guess what? Tried, tested and it works!

No More Dummy Runs in the night.

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